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Tracy T Taps Super Producer Zaytoven for a True Atlanta Mixtape, “Time Machine”, and Lead Visual – “BLRRT”

Listen to “Time Machine” Here 
Atlanta, GA. 4 September 2020 – Atlanta spitter, Tracy T, is no stranger to the rap game, but after a short hiatus he’s making his 2020 debut teaming up with super producer, Zaytoven, for their collaboration tape – Time Machine. This 5-song project is a great introduction back onto the radars of fans and listeners alike; bringing Tracy’s quick and catchy lyricism over those true southern heavy-hitting beats. His lead single and visual, “BLRRT“, directed by iNightLyfe, is an ode to Tracy’s true form, flashy cars, fast lifestyle, spending cash and beautiful women. Tracy keeps his known high energy while using his catchy lyrics to tell personal story of grinding, from the trap to the top. In BLRRT you hear Tracy spit lines such as, “Sit in the trap, make her bring me a plate. You got the bch take her out on a date. Weigh it up, bag it up. Weigh it up, bag it up. Weigh it up, bag it up. You can’t relate!” Tracy T is back, and he’s coming back harder than ever ready to close 2020 out with sure-fire tracks for fans across the world. “Time Machine – It’s timeless. I’ve known Zay for over 15 years, what better person to collaborate with on my 2020 debut? It’s family before music,” Tracy T states.
Watch “BLRRT” Here 
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IG: @1TracyT

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Andrea Hamilton 

About Tracy T: 
At the tender age of 6, Tracy T was determined to get into music after hearing Snoop Dogg’s renown ‘Gin and Juice’ single on the airwaves. Growing up in East Atlanta, Tracy T was no stranger to seeing drugs, drug dealers, violence and poverty. However, his Grandmother, who fostered many kids, shined a light of positivity and motivation into Tracy to not become a product of his environment. Tracy T took that knowledge and enrolled in college where he would gain an education and sharpen his rap skills. Tracy worked hard at his talent leading to his 2009 rap debut, releasing “Swagger Right Check.” Shortly after the launch of his music career, Tracy T was robbed at gunpoint, leading him to be shot several times and hospitalized for two months. Through the time in the hospital Tracy T had to not only learn how to walk again, but learn how to catch his breath enough to rap again. It wasn’t until 2012 that Tracy hopped back into the studio, wanting to feel more alive and exuberant, while still rapping about the raw and uncut trials and tribulations of his life. Teaming up with Beat Billionaire in 2013 to release his first single back – “16”, landed Tracy on the radar of Maybach Music CEO and iconic rap star, Rick Ross. Tracy T then signed with MMG for a period of time. Following the 2014 signing, Tracy T released music consistently each year including – 2015’s “Narco’s” and “50 Shades of Green”, 2016’s “The Wolf of All Streets”, 2017’s “Millionaire Nightmares”, 2018’s “Sh*t Done Changed” and 2019’s “Book 1: In the Beginning”. Now in 2020 Tracy T is back more energized than ever, releasing his Zaytoven collaboration tape, “Time Machine”, with more new music set to come.


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