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DeMarre Carroll Joins NBA Nation to Tour China Promoting NBA Global Games 2015/16

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In celebration of the NBA Global Games and NBA Nation organization, DeMarre Carroll, amongst other NBA stars, toured China promoting the upcoming Global Games. This week-long trip began in Shenzhen, China, stopping in Dongguan and wrapping up in the capitol of Shanghai. DeMarre made several appearances including a Global Games community outreach event to officially announce the Global Games ticket sales, a plethora of meet and greets, fan events, and charitable appearances throughout China. “This trip to China gave me the extra boost of motivation I needed to be great,” DeMarre Carroll states, “To have millions of fans across the world, rooting for you and looking up to you, makes it even easier for me to be the best player I can be. China was absolutely amazing and I am so grateful they gave me the opportunity to meet and engage with my fans out here.”

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