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CLIENT PRESS: [Beautifully Brown] Beauty Mogul Ming Lee Embraces the Snob Life {VIA Ebony.com}

What would you do with $500 in savings? Stash it away for a rainy day? Pay some bills? Cop those new stilettos?

A few of those thoughts might have run through Ming Lee’s mind, but she had her eye on another purchase – a couch.

After being rejected by 42 beauticians, the hairdresser had finally been hired. She was settling into her new Atlanta home, and buying furniture was at the top of her to-do list.

Suddenly, she had a change of heart. The then-24-year-old remembered that her long-term financial goals exceeded well beyond a couple hundred dollars. “I need to make extra money,” she kept thinking. So she decided to invest her nest egg in herself.

What was initially a few Benjamin Franklins expanded into $1,000,000 in one year.

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Latest News

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