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1-on-1 with Lou Williams {VIA Lakers.com}


While in Hawaii for training camp, Lakers Reporter Mike Trudell sat down with four Lakers players to talk a bit about basketball, and a bit about what those players have been up to off the court.

Highlights of the interviews, which aired on Time Warner Cable SportsNet, will appear over the next few days, continuing with Lou Williams:

MT: People may not realize that you can set up the offense, too, not just score.
LW: Yeah, I think people just go by reputation. They look at Nick (Young) by himself and say, “He’s a scorer. He’s been a sixth man on the team.” And then they look at my resume and say, “He’s a scorer.” But I’ve always played on teams with three or four guards that are interchanging parts. In Atlanta I was with Jeff Teague, Dennis Schroder and even Devin Harris at the same time. You go back to my Philly days, it was me, Jrue Holiday, Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner. I’ve always played in offenses with interchanging parts. This offense is the same thing. You saw it in the first preseason game. I played a lot of point guard, getting guys shots, and I didn’t have a problem getting my shot off as well. I think that’s one of the things Lakers fans can look forward to: just making myself play well side by side.

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